About Sarah Summer

The author, Sarah Summer, writes not only from the standpoint of an expert medical researcher and homeopathic/natural medicine professional, but also from that of a sufferer of a rare form of yeast infection.

It was the fact that Summer discovered she had a very rare type of yeast infection that inspired her to become a researcher into this disease. Ordinarily, a yeast infection is an annoyance at best, and requires medical attention at worst, but Sarah's was very unusual. It ultimately invaded the skin surrounding her vagina by the formation of invasive "tendrils" which further evolved into an infestation of mold so devastating that traditional medicine could not cure her.

Her search for a remedy brought her into contact with natural - or homeopathic - medicine. She and her husband Robert, after tireless searching, discovered the cure they so desperately sought in nature. It is the success of this treatment that inspired Summer to write a book about her journey, the remedy, and is why she is now a renowned and respected expert on the homeopathic treatment of yeast infections.

Sarah Summer's eBook

In her book, a Natural Cure for Yeast Infection, Summer describes how effectively Candida albicans - the fungal cause of yeast infections - can be killed with one hundred percent effectiveness using the remedy she recommends. It is entirely natural, completely safe and WILL rid you of your yeast infection. Your infection could be gone just twelve hours from the start of the treatment.

Unlike traditional treatments, such as Monistat, Threelac or other medications, Summer's treatment attacks and kills the source of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. If you, like so many other women, suffer from yeast infections often and find it difficult or impossible to rid yourself completely of the infection, this ebook will astound you.

If you have any queries about the book, or the treatment, you can visit Sarah Summer's website and even contact her directly for advice.