Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: "I find Sarah Summer's claim to have found such a potent treatment hard to believe. If it's that good, how come nobody else knows about it?"

ANSWER: Natural remedies have been relied upon by many people for many years, but others choose to go straight for over-the-counter treatments or prescription medication. For example, lots of people take a couple of teaspoons of apple-cider vinegar for indigestion and acid reflux and find that it works just fine.

Do you think that the manufacturers of the hundreds of antacids out there want you to know that a simple swig of a natural liquid can do the same job? No, they don't. Their products earn them billions every year and because they don't treat the cause - only relieve the symptoms - you keep buying it over and over.

It's the same principle for yeast infections; the products these companies sell are going to help with the symptoms, but they won't cure you, so you have to buy them over and over again.

Sarah Summer's Natural Cure for Yeast Infection book utilizes the same principle that our example of apple-cider does, and that is that it's a natural remedy which until Sarah discovered it, and wanted to share with other sufferers, was a well kept secret. Visit Sarah's site and see what she says about the issue. In her career before she discovered this natural remedy, she helped companies to develop products that didn't cure the problem but helped with the symptoms.

She knows what a devastating condition this can be and she wants to share her remarkable treatment with you and not with a pharmaceutical giant who may modify it so that you have to buy it time and again. (You can read about Sarah Summer by clicking here.)

QUESTION: "If Sarah Summer's ebook really does what it says it can, why isn't it in a printed book format?"

ANSWER: Because ebooks are much simpler, cheaper and faster to create. There are no publishers eager to make a fortune - while the author gets a tiny fraction of every sale - and no interminably drawn out process of actually publishing the finished article. With an ebook, an author can have their work ready to go within a very short space of time and at a fraction of the cost.

Listed below are a few of the advantages of using ebooks:

  • You don't have to pay for shipping or any taxes. You simply download it and you have your book instantly.
  • It costs far less than a traditionally printed book.
  • You can quickly search the content of the book to find what you want to read.
  • Refunds are as quickly processed as your original payment was; no trekking back to the store or lost receipts. All the details relating to refunds are available on her website.
  • Your book is safely and conveniently stored on your computer.
  • Links within the book to websites of interest can be accessed by simply clicking on the text within the book.
  • You can store it on flash drive and take it with you wherever you go if you wish to read it in another location.

Publishing in this format is becoming ever more popular with authors and reader alike so while this ebook may be the first you ever own, it probably won't be the last!

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