Metal Toxicity and Candida Yeast Infections

We are all exposed to a staggering variety of toxins in our everyday environment; through the food we eat to the medications we take, and even the fillings in our teeth, we expose ourselves to potentially poisonous substances all the time.

It's up to our immune systems to fight the harmful effects of these toxins and rid them from our bodies but for many of us, our immune systems are simply not strong enough to stay on top of all these toxins. This creates the window of opportunity that bacteria such as Candida albicans needs to thrive and multiply. In turn, this rapid growth of bacteria may become a yeast infection.

The toxins and chemicals to which we are daily exposed can build up in our bodies and lead to very serious conditions such as hormonal imbalances, skin problems, allergies and failing immune systems may lead to serious nerve and brain damage.

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and silver - all of which are routinely present in food, water, the air we breathe, medicines and our dental fillings - create what is called an 'anaerobic' environment, that is, one that lacks oxygen. It additionally causes the accumulation of harmful acids in our bodies, all of which can encourage the growth of bacteria that becomes a yeast infection.

These toxic metals can become lodged in our intestinal tracts as our systems try to rid us of these harmful chemicals. Those that aren't passed out of the body become attached to the intestinal wall and as a result, our body's defenses coat these toxins in a thick mucous. The mucous serves as a barrier to stop the toxins re-entering the bloodstream. This then makes the intestines a haven for Candida bacteria as it provides a warm, moist place that lacks oxygen in sufficient quantity to allay the bacteria's growth.

Furthermore, Candida 'binds' itself to heavy metals - including those in your dental fillings - making it yet more powerful. It is for this reason that many people have had their amalgam filling removed and replaced with the safer 'white' fillings.

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